The Five Sides of Our Squares

Most people believe a square consists of four sides, and of course, technically, they’re correct. But growing up among the iconic Squares of Philadelphia, we always felt there was another side to a Square—a dimension that extended far beyond just four sides and corners. It’s a feeling you’ll experience at every one of our places, and these five principles are the foundation behind all of them. Above all, through imaginative strategy, design, financing, and execution, we create places that are both meaningful and profitable.

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First and foremost, our projects incorporate spaces that inspire meaningful connections. Broad spaces. Playspaces. Landscaped parklets and unexpected intimate pockets. Our places are magnets that draw people together and allow them to connect and collaborate, or simply just hang out and share.

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We’re big on beauty. And every space we create is an opportunity to add one more flourish to the world around us. From the artwork we curate, to the textures of our materials, to our choices in landscaping and architecture, we obsess on craftsmanship and focus on the details that make an exquisite design exquisite.

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Building a Fivesquares place is a massive team effort, and simply being a good partner isn’t enough. At Fivesquares, we understand and embrace the mission of our partners as deeply as our own. We are a hands-on team led by the most accomplished minds in the business, who shape close, highly creative joint ventures that deliver exceptional solutions.

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We chose the square as our symbol for a reason. A square represents structure. Integrity. Stability. That’s what we create. You see, more than a building, a block, or even a project, we’re looking to leave a lasting impact for generations to come. The kind of impact that stretches beyond boundaries and elevates entire communities.

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Magic is all about the ‘art of the possible’—an undefinable experience that both surprises and delights. It may be difficult to capture on a spreadsheet, but that doesn’t make it any less real. We relentlessly seek new ways to instill joy, social good, value, and wonder into everything we create.